Vehicle Registration Renewal

For many people in the state of Maryland, driving car on a daily basis is a necessity to get to work, to commute to school, or simply to complete a variety of daily tasks. When you do own a car in Maryland, it is very important that you stay in compliance with all of the local and state laws in regards to registration and insurance. Those that do not stay in compliance could face serious fines, loss of driving privileges, and other penalties.


One of the most important types of registrations that you need to have in place is your vehicle registration. This registration typically renews on an annual basis. When you are looking to complete a vehicle registration renewal, there are several steps in tips that you should follow in the state of Maryland to ensure it goes smoothly.


Review Renewal Certificate

Several weeks before your vehicle is set for its registration renewal, you will likely receive a certificate in the mail that will provide you with a variety of information about your renewal. This will include the date that your renewal is due by, the cost of the renewal, and whether or not you need to have an emissions test done. For most drivers, the cost of a renewal will be $135. Those that operate a commercial vehicle will have to spend a little bit more. It is important to review this information for accuracy and hold on to it when you go in for your renewal.


Get Completed Work Done

Once you receive your renewal certification notice in the mail, it is important to get any work completed as soon as possible. One of the most important responsibilities that you will have is state have your emissions checked. In most situations, you will have to have your emissions checked in your vehicle every few years. However, if your vehicle is older or is a make and model that is more susceptible to higher levels of emissions, you may have to get your vehicle tested every year. If necessary, you may also need to have some repairs completed to stay in compliance so it is important to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.


Complete Registration Forms

When you are looking to complete your registration renewal, you will have many flexible and convenient options for doing so. If you are able to complete your registration in time, all you will need to do is go on to the State website and provide your title number, license plate number, and provide a credit card as a form of payment.


Another option for renewing your vehicle registration is to do it in person. In Maryland you will be able to visit any number of places including a local MVA office, a title agent, and your county treasurer’s office. You should keep in mind that lines at these offices tend to get long in the last few days leading up to the end of the month. If you are planning on renewing in person, you should bring your renewal form, proof of ID, and a credit card or check to make payment.


The last option you will have is to pay for your registration over the phone. When you are doing this all you will need to do is provide your same license plate number, renewal notification number, and credit card. There are agents available during the week during normal business hours to take your call.