Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

You will have to register your car in the state of Maryland if you would like to operate or store it in the state. If you come from another state, you will have a certain amount of time to get your vehicle registered in MD. The following are some tips that can help you to do that so that you will be able to operate the car legally and without worry.


Time Limits for Registering Your Car

You will have exactly 60 days from the time that you move to the state to get your paperwork in order by going to register out of state vehicle. If you do not get a Maryland registration within that 60 days of time, you may be subject to citations and fines. You can prevent that by just going through the process while you have the time. The state is quite accommodating by giving you an extended time frame, so you should do what needs to be done.


Necessary Documents and Requirements for Registration

The state requires all vehicle owners to get their vehicles inspected before they can get them registered in the state. The inspection is performed to ensure that drivers are operating a vehicle that is not only physically safe but also safe regarding emissions. Therefore, you have to go to a certified Maryland inspection station and have someone perform the inspection. They will give you a document that states that you went through that process, and you can take that to the DMV when you go.


Another documentation that you will need to take with you is your title from the other state. You will have to finish an application for a new title, as well. For a leased vehicle, you’ll have to present your current lease agreement and the proof that you have been making the payments on the car faithfully. Once you provide someone with the necessary documentation, you’ll receive your registration card, your title and your tags. You will be legal to drive in the state and keep your car garaged at your home whenever you are not operating it.


Fees for Car Registration

You will have to pay several fees when you get your car registered in Maryland for the first time. The first fee that you will need to pay is the registration fee, which varies according to your car’s weight. A typical vehicle that is less than 3,700 pounds will cost you $135 to register it. You will also have to pay a sales tax on your car, which is 6 percent of the amount that you paid for it. You may have to give them a bill of sale if they cannot verify your car’s value. Additionally, you will need to pay for a new title. The cost for a new title to your car is $100. Once you finish paying for your items, you will receive all of your documents that day.


How to Register Your Vehicle

There are two convenient ways that you can register your car. One way is to visit the MVA tag and title office in your area. If you want to register your vehicle by mail, you can do so by mailing all of your forms to the special out-of-state unit of the MVA. That office is located in Glen Burnie, Maryland at 6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E. You can send the documents mentioned above, and then you will receive your documents.


Take steps to register your car as quickly as possible. The process can smoothly proceed if you use the tips as mentioned above.