Obtain New Drivers License

Getting a new driver’s license in Maryland is a pretty straightforward process. Applicants will need to visit a local MVA office and bring information that proves their age and identity such as a U.S. passport or birth certificate. Other acceptable documents include the Certificate of Citizenship and the Certificate of Naturalization. An identification card is also a requirement. Licenses are available in three classes: A, B and C.

If you’re arriving from another state, bring along your current driver’s license or certified driving record. There’s a $9 annual fee for a Maryland driver’s license, which is valid for anywhere from 5 to 8 years. If you’re a completely new driver, you’ll have to have completed an approved driver education program in addition to 60 hours of driving while there’s a licensed driver in the vehicle with you. You will have to pass several exams in order to prove your grasp of the rules of the road.

You must provide your date of birth and give proof of your social security number by presenting a social security card, a 1099 form or a W-2 statement that is no older than 18 months. You can also use a pay stub that is up to three months old. Proof of Maryland residency is required, so you should be prepared to submit a bank statement, a utility bill, or even a rental or mortgage contract that contains your full name and home address.

All applications are cross-checked with the National Driver Registry to make sure that licenses haven’t previously been revoked, suspended or denied. A vision test will be administered to all applicants for a drivers license. To receive an unrestricted driver’s license, you must have what is called ”binocular vision” as well as 20/40 vision in both eyes.

It’s also necessary to have a field of vision of no less than 140 degrees. The visual requirements for a restricted license include 20/70 visual acuity in both eyes along with a field of vision of 110 degrees. Cases in which vision is poorer than that must go through the MVA’s Glen Burnie Headquarters for special consideration.

This might sound like a lot of steps to follow, but the process can be simplified by going online to find out exactly what you’ll need to present at the MD MVA office. It may save you some time to schedule an appointment rather than just show up at the office.