Change Vehicle Registration Name

Changing one’s name can be a detailed process in any state, and Maryland is no exception. If you are a Maryland-based motorist, there are some extra steps required. In fact, a name change means that you’ll need a new social security card. So before you can update your vehicle registration, you will have to change your name through the Social Security Administration. Then you must obtain a new driver’s license. Thus begins your journey to change vehicle registration to your new name.

For obvious reasons, changing the name on your driver’s license cannot be completed by phone, by mail or online. This article will lay out all of the things that you’ll need to do to smoothly complete this process before going on to apply for a vehicle registration name change.

Change Name on a Maryland Driver’s License

First, go to an MVA office in person with your driver’s license, identification card or driver’s permit. Proof of your name change is also required. You will need documentation such as an official marriage license or a divorce decree. If your name change was court-ordered, bring along supporting documents. Valid proof of age and identity are also musts. Your U.S. Passport, permanent resident card or Certificate of Citizenship are great examples.

Provide proof of your social security number with a social security card or financial documents such as a W-2 or 1099 form. If applicable, the MVA staff may also want to see ”proof of lawful status” paperwork such as U.S. Department of Homeland Security forms or a U.S. visa.

Then you must prove that you are a Maryland resident by showing things such as bank statements or utility bills. Your in-state vehicle registration or title may also be used. If you’re under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian will have to sign related paperwork. All presented documentation must be originals or true-test copies. Also, same-sex marriages are now recognized in the state of Maryland, including for the purposes of vehicle titling and changing names.

The MD MVA must be notified within one month of a name change, and the application for an updated vehicle registration document must be started within that time frame. As mentioned above, the name change to your driver’s license must precede your request for a corrected vehicle registration showing your new name.

Change Name on a Vehicle Title or Registration

Having carefully followed each of the steps above, complete the Application for Corrected Title Due to a Name Change form. Hand over the existing title, present your updated driver’s license that bears your new name and submit the required payment of $40. These four particular steps may be completed in person or by mail. When you’re applying in person, you’ll get your new title on the spot. If you mail in the paperwork, you should expect to receive your crisp new vehicle title by mail.

Once you’ve done what you can to meet every vehicle registration requirement with regards to a name change, you can rest easy.