Change Vehicle Registration Address

After you move to a new location within the state of Maryland, the Motor Vehicle Administration must be notified within the 30 day period following your move. You’ll need to update your driver’s license as […]


Vehicle Registration Renewal

For many people in the state of Maryland, driving car on a daily basis is a necessity to get to work, to commute to school, or simply to complete a variety of daily tasks. When […]

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Change Vehicle Registration Name

Changing one’s name can be a detailed process in any state, and Maryland is no exception. If you are a Maryland-based motorist, there are some extra steps required. In fact, a name change means that […]

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New Registration

Whether you have just bought a new motorcycle, truck, car, or another kind of motor vehicle, you need to first register it with the MD Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) in order to get it on […]

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Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

You will have to register your car in the state of Maryland if you would like to operate or store it in the state. If you come from another state, you will have a certain […]


Replace Car Registration

When you drive a car in the state of Maryland, it is important that you stay in compliance with all of the local laws and regulations. One of the most important rules that you will […]

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