Replace Drivers License

It is a stressful and scary feeling anytime you suddenly realize that you do not have your license in your possession and you don’t know where it is. Maybe you lost it. Maybe you just […]

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Renew Drivers License

Renewing a drivers license is something most people do several times in their life. The problem is that very few people could tell you when you license is up for renewal. The reason stems from […]

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Learners Permit

Maryland is one of several states that have a graduated licensing process that is designed to help unexperienced teens become experienced, responsible and safe drivers. The first stage in Maryland’s graduated licensing process is to […]


Drivers License Change of Address

In order to legally drive in the state of Maryland, you must have a drivers license that contains all of your current information. This includes having your correct address listed. If you have moved, you […]


ID Card

A Maryland ID card is useful if you do not have a driver’s license but need to prove your identity, age, or address. There is no age requirement for obtaining an ID card in Maryland, […]

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Drivers License Name Change

If you have recently changed your legal name, there are several actions that you must take to make sure that all of your identifying documents reflect the change to your name. If you neglect to […]


Obtain New Drivers License

Getting a new driver’s license in Maryland is a pretty straightforward process. Applicants will need to visit a local MVA office and bring information that proves their age and identity such as a U.S. passport […]

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Reinstate Suspended License

Driving your own vehicle is one of the most convenient transportation methods available. Some people are able to get to and from work on a bike or through public transportation as an alternative when a […]

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